Ivan Vukosavljevic

Following in his fathers' footsteps, Ivan developed a passion for health and wellness at a very young age. He participated actively in sports like; tennis, skiing, swimming, karate, boxing and muay thai. He also played basketball and volleyball competitively for many years.  Naturally Ivan obtained an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics from University of Ottawa in 2011 and worked as a student trainer for the University of Ottawa Men`s basketball team. Ivan followed his passion further and became a Certified Exercise Physiologist, which allowed him to work as an exercise specialist at a local physiotherapy clinic.

It was during this period that Ivan realized that teaching and promoting exercise was only a part of helping clients recover. Figuring out the source of someone's pain and helping them recover as quickly as possible was his new goal. Ivan earned a Masters in Physiotherapy from Queen`s University in 2014 before working in a variety of settings with broad spectrum of injuries and conditions. Ivan continues to take courses and expand his knowledge on a regular basis. Up to date Ivan has taken courses and training in athletic taping, neurofunctional acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapy, spinal manipulation, exercise rehabilitation, concussion therapy, vestibular therapy and soft tissue release. With the goal achieved, Ivan is now able to effectively and efficiently get his patients where they want to be as fast as possible.