Experience Perley Health

Perley Health is a unique and innovative community that empowers Seniors and Veterans to live life to the fullest. Home to more than 600 Seniors and Veterans in long-term care and in independent apartments, Perley Health provides a growing number of clinical, therapeutic and recreational services to residents, tenants and people from across the region.

One of the largest and most progressive long-term care homes in Ontario, Perley Health is also a centre for research, education, and clinical innovation. Our Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care™ conducts and shares the practical research needed to improve care. Future caregivers come here to study and to acquire hands-on skills and experience.

Perley Health's values are brought to life each day by our over 800 employees. And more than 400 regular volunteers connect us closely with the community. Together, we improve the well-being of Canada's aging population.

Parking at Perley Health

At Perley Health, we strive to provide accessible and hassle-free parking options for our community. We offer various convenient parking options for your ease:

All vehicles entering through the gates must take a parking ticket.

  • The first 30 minutes are free for each vehicle entering the Perley Health property.
  • Insert the parking ticket in the machine when exiting and the gate will automatically lift.
  • After the initial 30 minutes, the daily parking rate is $12.37 (As of March 1, 2024).
  • Clients will receive a 50% parking rate rebate for the day of an appointment.
    • Clients must have their white parking ticket in hand to permit validation.
      The 50% parking rate is: $6.19
  • Drivers can pay when exiting at the gate using Visa, MasterCard, or Interac.
  • There is also a parking kiosk inside, near the Main Entrance, where payment can be made.

Frequent visitors to Perley Health are recommended to sign up for a monthly or multi-use parking FOB for easy entry and exit and cost savings.

We ask drivers and passengers to ensure that all vehicle doors are securely locked and all valuable items are removed from the vehicle when parking onsite.


Perley Health Services and Programs

  1. Entrance Screening
  2. Cafeteria (open from 8:00AM to 7:00PM, seven days a week)
  3. Updates on Outbreaks and Urgent News
  4. View the information broadcast on the TVs in the common areas
  5. Become a volunteer
  6. Engage with the Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care™
  7. Join the Intergenerational Playgroup