A: Appointments are available from 8 am to 4 pm. Please note, the clinic temporarily closes between Noon and 1 pm daily.

A: Debit or credit cards are accepted, including contactless payments. Alternatively, you can securely leave your credit card information with our administration team for billing after service provision. Direct billing to insurance companies is also available.

A: For additional details or questions, please contact:

A: New client intake sessions can be conducted in person, virtually, or over the phone based on individual circumstances. Book appointments by phone or email.

A: Visitor parking is available in front of our main entrance (refer to map). Avoid parking in areas designated for residents. Free parking is offered for visits under 30 minutes. After the initial 30 minutes, the daily parking rate is $12.37 (As of March 1, 2024). Clients will receive a 50% parking rate rebate for the day of an appointment. Clients must have their white parking ticket in hand to permit validation. The 50% parking rate is: $6.19.

A: Your safety is our priority. The clinic maintains stringent Infection Prevention and Control procedures as per Perley Health's policies and Ottawa Public Health guidelines. Stay up to date by visiting the Perley Health Urgent News/Outbreak updates webpage

A: In-person, virtual, and phone sessions are available based on suitability. Contact the clinic to explore options further. Please note that the Speech Therapy - Stuttering/Cluttering services are only offered virtually. 

A: Bring only necessary items for your session (e.g., homework sheets). Dress appropriately for physiotherapy sessions in comfortable attire. Avoid bringing food items.

A: For questions, concerns, or suggestions to enhance our processes, contact us at 613-526-7125 or via email


At The Care Clinic at Perley Health, we aim to provide comprehensive care while ensuring your comfort, safety, and convenience throughout your visit.